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Our continually growing library of immersive Bible experiences, content, and games helps people of all ages engage with the Bible in a variety of unique ways to enhance learning, increase understanding, and strengthen faith.

For over a decade, our team members helped bring to life blockbuster movies including Avatar, X-Men, Avengers, The Hobbit, and more.

Immersive now uses those incredible skills, in collaboration with faith leaders, historians, and scholars to bring the Bible to life like never before in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and in-depth Mobile Apps.



Churches will benefit from both the Full VR Experience and our in-depth Mobile App. Immerse your people in the world of the Bible like never before.

  • Gift our in-depth Mobile App to your congregation

  • Perfect for Youth Groups and Vacation Bible School

  • Bridge the Sunday to Monday gap with the Mobile App

  • Connect to a screen or projector to enhance group teaching

  • Draw in people with the latest technology & relevant content

  • Empower pastors, teachers, youth ministers, and other leaders

  • For kids, youth, families, small and large groups, and events


With our Mobile App, families enjoy a growing library of compelling biblical experiences, content, and games where you can learn, explore, and play together. Something for everyone; Kids, Teens, Young Adults, & Adults.

  • Explore Bible locations like Ancient Jerusalem in Mobile 3D

  • Interact with biblical characters in Augmented Reality

  • Experience Passion Week and other events in Mobile VR

  • Play interactive, cooperative Bible games on any device with family & friends

  • And so much more...


Schools can leverage our in-depth Mobile App and the Full VR Experience to engage students with immersive, cutting edge, contextual learning both in class or at home.

  • The Full VR Experience allows students to explore open worlds at their own pace or guided interactive learning activities

  • Augmented reality content engages students in a more interactive way

  • Connect the Mobile App or Full VR to a screen or projector to engage and teach a class or larger group

and More...

Museums, Bookstores, Libraries, & other locations can benefit from both our Full VR Experience and our in-depth Mobile App.

  • Stay relevant with younger generations

  • Our Full VR Experience turns your location into an experiential hub that draws people in

  • Generate revenue by charging for the Full VR Experience

  • Generate residual revenue by promoting our Mobile App

  • People stay longer and return more often to experience the latest immersive VR content

Our in-depth Mobile App is a continually growing library of immersive Bible experiences, content, and games for all ages. Engage with biblical characters, locations, events, and teachings anytime, anywhere through your mobile device or computer. Experience Passion Week through Mobile VR. Bring Jesus and the Apostles into your home with Augmented Reality. Explore ancient biblical locations as they once were. Have fun with our library of Bible-based games. There is something for everyone; Kids, Teens, Young Adults, and Adults.



The Full VR Experience turns your church, schools, museum, library, or other location into a hub for people to experience immersive biblical content in high-end Virtual Reality. This powerful tool will keep you relevant with younger generations as well as engage in new ways with adults. Enhance biblical education and fun for individuals, families, small groups, youth groups, large groups, and events. Virtually walk where Jesus walked and bring the Bible to life like never before.

"This came at the perfect time to engage a new generation. I pray that you will consider acquiring this product."

- Rabbi Rico Cortez

"wow, wow, WOW!"

- Rabbi Jason Sobel, Best Selling Author

"If I could learn like this, I would go to church everyday."

- Rachel, 16 Year Old

"It's a tool to bring stability to somebodies walk... a child to an adult."

- Bryan Schwartz

Former Pastor and Jaguars Linebacker

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