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Leverage our biblically-based, interactive solutions to engage your audience like never before.

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  • Enhance learning, increase understanding, and strengthen faith.

  • Empower pastors, teachers, and youth ministers.

  • Increase youth participation.  

  • Strengthen family connections.



  • Empower teachers and other leaders.

  • Engage students with immersive, cutting edge, contextual biblical learning, and fun.

  • Our mobile app lets your students share the learning and fun at home.

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  • Turns your location into a hub for people to experience immersive biblical content with the latest technology.

  • Stay relevant with younger generations.

Immersive Bible Mobile App

Our in-depth Immersive Bible mobile app brings the Bible to life in new and engaging ways for individuals, families, and groups with a continually growing library featuring hundreds of biblically-based interactive activities, experiences, and games for all ages.


Full access to the Immersive Bible app is FREE. Share this incredible tool with your entire congregation!

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Immersive Bible

Virtual Reality

Immersive Bible Virtual Reality turns your church, school, museum, or other location/event into a hub for people to experience immersive biblical content in high-end Virtual Reality. Stay relevant with younger generations and engage adults in new ways. Enhance Bible education and fun for individuals, families, groups, and events. Our continually growing library of biblical VR content brings the Bible to life like never before!


Options available for both ongoing access and/or special event access. Free trial access may be available for some organizations.

Immersive Bible Augmented Reality Tours

Immersive Bible Augmented Reality Tours let your audience explore biblical stories, artifacts, and content, integrated into the real world, through the lens of a mobile device. Our library of AR content creates an interactive, fun, biblical learning environment that connects with kids, teens, and adults.

Perfect for enhancing schools, churches, museums, libraries, bookstores, events, and more.


It's simple to use, NO app necessary. Use any AR capable iOS or Android mobile device to click a provided AR weblink or scan an included AR QR code poster. Display posters digitally or as prints at your location, event, etc. Share weblinks via email, social media, text, etc.

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