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DvG : Conquering Giants

We are excited to announce the upcoming release of our first major VR game, DvG : Conquering Giants!

DvG is a Virtual Reality Game for Steam VR, Oculus, Vive and Playstation VR. We've been working hard on this for over a year and can't wait to share it with the world. Available 11-23-2020.

GIRD YOUR LOINS! for the ultimate battle against the most notorious giant in history. DvG is an imaginative twist on the classic story of David versus Goliath. In this epic virtual reality game, YOU are the young shepherd boy on a journey to protect your sheep, family and country from the dangers of the outside world.

Armed with a unique, powerful sling, you must fend off mutton hungry wolves, a ferocious lion, and a massive bear along the way!

Beware as they surround your pasture, pounce from the woods, and stalk you in caves. If you defeat these foes, then your journey takes you to the battlefield where Israel faces their greatest foe - the Philistines!

There stands Goliath, who is threatening to destroy your family, lands, and nation. IF you can beat him in one-on-one combat, you will save your family and your people. Can you sling your way to victory?

Are you a "mere" shepherd boy, or are you a GIANT SLAYER?

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